Shared Parenting Tips for Newly Divorced Couples

danbury-divorce-lawyer-300x209Shared custody arrangements have been increasing in popularity as more courts are aware that kids do best when they have equal access to both of their parents. Couples who are considering divorce may be able to negotiate shared custody arrangements with the help of a Danbury divorce lawyer.

Once the divorce is complete, the adjustment to the new routine of shared custody can be challenging for both the kids and their parents. The following tips from a Danbury divorce attorney can help make sure that the new shared custody arrangements are successful.

Balance Fun With Necessities

It can be tempting to win favor with kids by taking them out for fun things such as movies or fast food. At the same time, buying necessary items such as a winter coat or school supplies can demonstrate a commitment to the children’s needs.

Keep Kids Out of the Middle

Many parents feel anger and bitterness toward their exes, and there can be a temptation to lash out through the kids. Parents may either try to find out what an ex is up to through the kids or express anger at an ex to the kids. Both of these reactions put children in the middle of adult arguments and make them feel as though they have to choose sides. A Danbury divorce lawyer may advise parents to write down their concerns in a visitation log rather than voice them to the kids.

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